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Trending people in the news
Rudolph W. Giuliani
Giuliani letter among new documents disclosed by Democrats ahead of impeachment trial - Fortune
Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin
Report: Russia’s Prime Minister Submits Resignation to Putin - Time Magazine
Marie L. Yovanovitch
Giuliani letter among new documents disclosed by Democrats ahead of impeachment trial - Fortune
Amy Jean Klobuchar
Debate Night: The ‘On Politics’ Breakdown; On Politics With Lisa Lerer - The New York Times
Trending Organizations in the news
Executive Office of the President Under George W. Bush
Fact checking candidates’ claims from last night’s Democratic debate - Fortune
New York Mets
Pete Rose wonders why Astros players got off 'scot-free' in sign-stealing scandal; Rose, banned by Major League Baseball since 1989 for betting on games, doesn't think it's "fair" that those who benefited directly from the scheme have not been punished wh - Washington Post Blogs
University of South Florida
St. Petersburg Times Fund, Inc.
Have weapons of strength made us less strong? - Tampa Bay Times
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Through verified public data, third party data partners, and a research team over 150 strong, RelSci creates deep and accurate profiles on people and companies.

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